About the Artist

I graduated Wofford College in 1963, and received an MBA from USC following combat infantry duty in Vietnam. After 30 plus years in the corporate world, I now devote my energy and attention to nature and wildlife photography, a venture which has brought me the greatest joy.

In that role, I am privileged to have worked and traveled with some of America’s preeminent photographers and teachers. I have traveled extensively in the US and internationally, often in wild and remote locations, to capture and share exceptional images with others through my photography and printing.

My work has been featured in solo and juried exhibits, national print and web media, various galleries and venues in the southeast and in private art collections.

Having relocated to the low country of SC: Edisto Island; I now am able to work for love of the work, and work to my own satisfaction. Currently I am focused on the goal of using my photography talents and resources to increase support of conservation organizations; educational outreach to enhance photography experiences for students; and to identify and help in other areas where my pro bono work and time can make a difference in the lives of others.

I have begun this effort by establishing the “Hal Looney Photography Life Experiences Scholarship Fund” for students at Lander University. I have also donated my artwork to support stroke rehabilitation, and to help fund physical therapy equipment to those with health needs, among others. I am working to identify other possibilities and more clearly define and pursue this new direction.