I have trained, traveled and taught with some of America’s premier photographers. For many years, works by these top photographers, as well as my own, were displayed in our Bluewood Gallery Hal-and-Cheetah_Kenyain downtown Brevard, NC. Through the gallery, we conducted in-field photography workshops, training classes and offered special exhibits by top professionals.

After closing Bluewood Gallery in 2014, I now reside in the low country of SC: Edisto Island; among bird sanctuaries and historic culture. Here, I am busy with the task of changing the focus of my efforts to use talents and resources in support of arts education, conservation work and to assist projects which support individuals with special needs.

To this end, with the support of jon holloway, friend and nationally acclaimed photographer, I help provide travel and life experiences for Lander University arts students through a dedicated scholarship program (see ‘About the Artist’). Recently, donations of artwork have supported stroke rehabilitation programs sponsored by MUSC and Roper St Francis hospital volunteers, and donated works helped fund physical therapy equipment for people with health needs. I want to identify other possibilities and more clearly define this new direction.